Attending a session at Agile Midwest 2017 Conference qualifies you for 1 Category B PMI PDU and 1 Category C Scrum Alliance SEU. Attending the entire day qualifies you for 5 PDUs and 8 SEUs. Attending the Open Space qualifies you for 8 SEUs.

Please read the following information from PMI/Scrum Alliance on how to report PDUs and SEUs.  The bolded italicized text applies to the event.  All confirmed attendees will receive a link to download a personalized certificate in PDF format.



Earn PDUs:

·                  By completing an academic course being offered by a university or college


·                  By attending relevant educational courses offered by training organizations NOT registered with PMI. This may include training (or a Webinar) offered by your employer, another professional or membership association, or a non R.E.P. training organization.  

When only a portion of a course relates to your credential area of expertise, calculate PDUs by the percentage of the overall curriculum focused on the topic.  Report each course separately.  Entire degree programs will not be recognized for PDU credits, only individual courses.


1 hour of instruction related to project management, project risk, project scheduling, or program management equals 1 PDU. You can report PDUs in 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 increments DU Rule:


If an academic course: please provide the transcript or grade report indicating a passing mark.

If a non-PMI REP or Community course: please provide the registration or letter of attendance, and a brochure or course materials (syllabus) outlining the subject matter covered and the qualifications of the instructor/lecturer.

You can use your registration confirmation email to meet the registration form requirement.


An SEU is a point earned by a professional person for having completed an educational training or learning opportunity that meets a set of learning objectives. Scrum Alliance has discretion to determine whether SEUs are warranted, considering factors such as content, quality, and accuracy of the source material.

Category C: Outside Events

SEUs may be earned by participating in other relevant events not sponsored by Scrum Alliance, such as Agile conferences, regional meetings, training from someone who is not a CST, or a REP course that is not approved for Category B. Activities in Category C are attended face to face, and you are receiving rather than providing services. SEUs are earned at a rate of one credit per hour of active participation.

When submitting SEUs, your options for Category C are:

1.    Received face-to-face training outside of Scrum Alliance

2.    Attended live Scrum/Agile events outside of Scrum Alliance

3.    Attended user group events outside of Scrum Alliance

4.    Received coaching or mentoring outside of Scrum Alliance

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SEUs work on a points-based system. An SEU is based on a 1:1 ratio of contact hours to points. For example, 8 contact hours (or a full day of training) is equivalent to 8 SEUs.