$129 Open Space/Conference Standard Ticket
  • Ticket includes Open Space and Conference attendance. This a bonus for you have the option of attending the Open Space on 10/11 and the Conference on 10/12. All for one conference price!
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$1699 Early Bird – Coaching Agile Teams
  • Balanced Agility is offering a 3-day session on "Coaching Agile Teams" Agile Coaching is for leaders and agile coaches who want to exponentially increase their knowledge and ability to lead and empower teams.
  • Session : 10/09-10/11
  • Ticket includes: 3 day training, ICP Agile Certified Coach Certification, and Conference attendance
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$1249 Early Bird – Training from the BACK of the Room
  • Balanced Agility is offering a 2-day session on "Training from the BACK of the Room".
  • Session: 10/09 - 10/11
  • Ticket includes: 2-day training, Training from the Back of the Room Certification, Open Space, and Conference attendance.